Comic 51 - The story we were always trying to tell.

21st Feb 2013, 8:28 AM in Holding my Own.
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The story we were always trying to tell.
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Author Notes:

Antonio 21st Feb 2013, 8:28 AM edit delete
So through long thought and consideration, I've decided to expel all of the bullshit that clogged the story of Unlikely Positive Outlook and get back to the heart of what really mattered in this comic; a love story. A story about a man that still has difficulty figuring out which path he's going to take, what requiem would he sing in honor of the fulfillment of happiness? More importantly, who will he end up with in the end? Fuck if I know. I stopped figuring this shit out 2 years ago. Join me as we venture forth into Will Mill's new existence a Pandora Video; his dealing with Alessa, his returning ex; Jameson, the fiery beauty that makes him feel funny in his heart; Mitch the lovable mischief maker; and Lily, the support center for the whole of UPO's existence. Adventure? Excitement? Perhaps a whole lot of fucking? Perhaps we find out someone is a eunuch. Wouldn't that be some interesting nonsense? Let's see what happens in Unlikely Positive Outlook... Cause someone has to have one, right?